Reports: Former WR Mike Williams alive and on life support

Former wide receiver Mike Williams is on life support in a Tampa hospital after sustaining injuries in a construction accident last week, the mother of his daughter told the Tampa Bay Times.Williams was earlier reported dead by numerous media outlets but is still alive in the ICU.The mother of his daughter, Tierney Lyle, told the newspaper that she and his daughter visited Williams, where he was mostly non-responsive.”He was asleep when we went in there, and he woke up when he heard our voices and his daughter’s voice,” Lyle said. “And he looked around, and he blinked, and he was crying but he can’t move.”Lyle said she believes the plan will eventually be to remove Williams from the life support.A GoFundMe site claiming to have been set up by Williams’ father after the accident stated that a steel beam fell on the younger Williams’ head, leaving him paralyzed in his right arm and from the waist down.