Giants coach Judge emphasizes OL, QB Jones

First-year head coach Joe Judge will wrap up a most atypical offseason with the New York Giants next week, when he springs rookies for a few weeks before their scheduled training camp report date on July 28.Judge has plenty of work to do in New York — on and off the field — as the Giants and other NFL teams are actively discussing how to approach COVID-19 and social justice initiatives.”We feel we can make a difference,” Judge told NFL Network. “We’re going to work to do that.”I want to make very clear that we’re going to support our players. Listen, we’ve had a lot of very long, productive conversations. We’re going to continue to have these conversations as we move forward. With the players, we’ve listened very carefully to them and are channeling our energy and emotion of today (with the intent of) making a difference. A really sustained difference. Our guys are focused on the action.”The Giants are in transition from Eli Manning to Daniel Jones at quarterback. Jones had an uneven rookie season, but part of his inconsistent play was credited to an offensive line dented by injuries.