Is Michael Jordan Really That Interesting?

11 Jun 1997: Michael Jordan #23 of the Chicago Bulls walks on the court during game five of the NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Bulls defeated the Jazz 90-88. Mandatory Credit: Brian Bahr /Allsport


As we are all stuck in our homes right now, sports fans are looking to keep themselves entertained in any way possible. Lucky for us, we will all have something to look forward to as ESPN will be releasing “The Last Dance,” a 10 part documentary series following Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in their last championship season in 1997-1998.

Now before I get into my rant, I’m going to watch this documentary and I’m excited for it! I like seeing stories and behind the scenes of what goes down during a season. With this being a 10 part series, we are going to get a lot of stories from a lot of different people and I’m really excited about that! However, with that being said, I just don’t think Michael Jordan the person is all that interesting to me.

I can hear what you are saying right now. You dumb millennial Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time!? How could you not find him interesting!? What about his father getting killed, him going to play baseball, all the titles how do you not think that is interesting!?!?

Allow me to explain. Yes I’m a 24 year old millennial who was just born in the 1990’s and didn’t see Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls play. I grew up watching Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. I wish I could have seen Michael Jordan play but I mean hey blame my parents I guess. I’m not saying Michael Jordan isn’t a great player how could I? Building a dynasty with the Chicago Bulls and winning six titles is amazing. He is one of if not the greatest basketball player to have ever played. What I’m saying is that Michael Jordan the person isn’t exactly interesting to me.

On the court Michael Jordan was super charismatic. From the tongue out to the shoulder shrug, Jordan would beat you and let you know about it. Off the court however, Jordan was pretty reclusive and one note. He pretty much had and still has the personality of a hockey player. Speak in sports cliches, smile and wave, show you are a little quirky and that’s about it. He was never one to speak out about issues he cared about or cause any kind of controversy. He played basketball and that was it. Sure he was super competitive and was a jerk and yelled at his teammates. That doesn’t make you interesting. Kobe Bryant did the same thing. Yet I find Kobe more interesting because he was always someone who spoke his mind for better or worse. I get that the 90’s were a different time in terms of athletes taking stands on things, but Jordan never really spoke about anything period as a player. Jordan was just someone, at least in public, who kept to himself. The most emotion we saw from Jordan was where he broke down crying after his first title. Maybe there was a reason for that. I’d like to find out why in this documentary.

Maybe there were things that happened that can shed more light on Michael Jordan the person. We already now what he did as an athlete. I want to see what made his mind tick, how he thought about things, was there a difference in public vs private Jordan? Hopefully we get answers to these questions. But this documentary series needs to show me a lot in order to change my mind about Michael Jordan. Why is Michael Jordan the way he is? We’ll find out starting this Sunday.