LB Mosley to break bank with Jets

Inside linebacker C.J. Mosley agreed to a five-year, $85 million deal with the New York Jets.According to multiple reports, the deal includes $51 million guaranteed, exceeding the one-year value of the franchise tag at the position.NFL Network reported the Jets had to raise the value and guaranteed cash to pry Mosley away from the Jets.The 26-year-old has gone to the Pro Bowl in four of his five NFL seasons and could open the door to Darron Lee moving on from New York.The franchise tag for a linebacker came with a $15.443 million salary for 2019, beyond what Baltimore wanted to spend for an inside linebacker, the position at which Mosley spends most of his time. The inside position isn’t as valued in NFL salary structures as an edge spot.Baltimore was expected to fight to keep Mosley, even when it became apparent the Jets and Cleveland Browns were willing to break the bank to add him.