‘Drive Time Sports’: How big of a loss is Matthew Moyer?

If Syracuse forward Matthew Moyer is out for the foreseeable future, how big of a loss would this be for the Orange?

Paul A. Esden Jr. (@BoyGreen25):

“If you are a box score guy, it’s not a big loss. But if you watch the games you know that Matthew Moyer is a very hot and cold player that brings an infectious energy and a rebounder. Both of those things are important in general, but specifically when you have a thin bench. I think SU can survive without him especially with the way Marek Dolezaj played on Wednesday. Hopefully the ankle sprain doesn’t keep him out too long, but if it does, I still think the Orange can reach their ultimate goal which is making the tourney!”

Jordan McGee (@OzMcGee44):

“You would think a player averaging just over 21 minutes a game and 4.5 points per game wouldn’t be such a big loss. But make no mistake about it, this would be a huge loss. We all know how thin this bench is, and without Moyer it becomes razor thin. Now it’s on Marek Dolezaj to carry the load. Dolezaj doesn’t need to score 20 points a game, but rather he needs to do just three things. Continue to be a presence on the boards, don’t turn the ball over, and the number one key is STAY HEALTHY. Dolezaj can hold the fort for now, but if Moyer can’t return this season, the Orange will be walking on thin ice. One more injury and the ice will crack and sink their NCAA tournament hopes.”