‘Drive Time Sports’: If Doug Marrone had stayed at SU, where would the Orange be?

With former Syracuse coach Doug Marrone having great success in the NFL, it got us thinking, if Marrone had stayed at SU, where would the Orange be today?

Paul A. Esden Jr. (@BoyGreen25):

“This is a great question. Since the good ole Marrone days the Orange have gone through Scott Shafer (yikes) and Dino Babers (kind of yikes). Shafer was awful and his vernacular was filled with overused coaching cliches. While Babers has been more talk than action. Although several Orange fans hold out hope that the two upsets (No. 17 Virginia Tech and No. 2 Clemson) are a sign of things to come. While Marrone was hot and cold during his four-year tenure. Bad season (4-8), good season (8-5), bad season (5-7), and finished up with a good season (8-5). Although he was clearly headed down the right path. I don’t know about ACC contenders, but I think the floor was a consistent bowl team which is more than I can say for the Shafer/Babers combination.”

Jordan McGee (@OzMcGee44):

“Syracuse without a doubt would be a consistent bowl team. Before Marrone, the Orange went 3-9. By the time he left Syracuse, he had two 8-win seasons and two bowl victories. 8 wins!? Bowl games!? Man it’s been a long time since that was a reality. Syracuse wasn’t the flashiest team with Marrone, but they got the job done. For what Marrone did with a program that was considered one of the worst in college football, it was impressive to say the least. If he had stayed around, the arrow would only continue to move forward and not take two steps backwards.”

You heard what the boys had to say, but where did Orange Nation lean?